Would MS SQL EXPRESS work for GRA?


I need to know if the free version (“Express”) of Microsoft SQL will work for the GRA? It would really save my institution some money if it worked. We estimate that 1,500 users would register on our instance of GRA.



There’s no reason that SQL Express will not work with the GRA software. You can do a search for something like running sql express in production and you’ll see the potential pitfalls of using Express in a production environment. I’m not sure any of them are that critical in a 1,500-participant program.

For an example of scale - our summer program last year:

  • 77,000+ participants
  • 43+ million points
  • almost 116,000 completed challenges
  • 890,000 badges awarded
  • final database size: a bit over 1.3 GB


Thank you for posting that information- it does help me to gauge how big our database will probably be.