Where is front/master page body text?

Full disclosure: I’m feeling a little crazy. Pretty sure I did this last year, but…

I can’t find where the body text is stored for the front/master page (example: http://demo.greatreadingadventure.com/).

The text for the header (“Great Reading Adventure - Reimagining Summer Reading”) and footer (“All of what you are seeing can be easily customized for your library!”) are in Programs > Static Text, but the text in the body of the page (“For more information about this reading program, visit your local library! While you’re there, go on a journey of discovery!”) is no where to be found in Static Text… or anywhere that I’ve poked. Help! Thanks.

I think this is in the program configuration for the first program that is listed.

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Thank you, @harald!

Program > edit

Center text is under the Description & Game tab. Side text is under the tab… Side text.