What is the max number of programs?


Dear Colleagues,

I thought that I read somewhere that the maximum number of programs which can be created in The Great Reading Adventure is four. What is the maximum?

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This was my understanding, too (maximum 4 programs, which, in the latest released version, are already set up). I, too, read it somewhere. BUT, I just went in and created a 5th program. So I’m not sure why there is a limit stated in the documentation, or whether my newly-created 5th program will cause issues down the line. (@harald might know, but he’s likely unable to dive into the “why” right now if he doesn’t.)

If it turns out that only 4 programs are the maximum recommended, you could get around that program maximum by setting up multiple programs under multiple organizations. But multiple tenancy, which I set up last year, was trickier to set up and to manage. Happy to share my notes on that if you’d like, but I am glad I’m setting up all programs under only one organization this year!


You can have as many programs as you want! We default to four because it’s what we use for our summer reading program. I’m sorry about any confusion!


Awesome! I also thought I read it somewhere so I’ll try and track down that blurb.



Found the blurb in the manual under Configuration Step 3. While it doesn’t state a maximum, the phrase “You can opt to set up with four age-specific reading programs” does imply there can only be up to four programs. Actually, Step 3 really sounds like you can have either 1 program OR 4.

Perhaps add at the end of Step 3: “This step simply determines how many programs are initially created. You may add or delete programs after configuration and there is no maximum.” Or something like that…


Holly and Harald,

Thank you for your comments.