What is 'Achiever Point Amount'?


(v4beta1&2) In Mission Control > Program Management > (pick a program) there is a field for “Achiever Point Amount” that is pre-populated with “1000”… I’m assuming this is a Maricopa-specific setting but I can’t decipher what it is for.

Points for this year’s programs go well beyond 1000 at my library so I’ve set this field to 100,000. But I’m still curious what it does. :slight_smile:


This is the point amount that signifies that the participant has completed the goal of the program. It sends them a notification when they hit that number (“Congratulations! You’ve achieved 1000 points reaching the goal of the program!”) and is used on reporting (people that have earned this much are termed “achievers”). It doesn’t provide a limit, people can continue earning points.

For the record, if you wanted to put an upper limit on how many points a participant can earn, that can be done in Site Management -> Settings -> Points.


Thanks, Harald! That makes sense. I like that it makes reporting easier.