Welcome to the Great Reading Adventure forum!


Welcome to the Great Reading Adventure public forum! This forum is for the discussion of the open source project: feature requests, installation or operational issues, etc.

This forum is frequented by both users of the software as well as developers who write the software code.

There are several categories to explore or post to:

  • If you are having problems installing the GRA, you want the Installation Issues category.

  • To help with configuration of your reading program(s) once the GRA is installed, check out the How To category.

  • Stuck? Help! is the place for you.

  • If you are seeing an error message from the GRA or something is not working as it should be, Errors is the correct place to post.

  • If you’d like the GRA to do something that it doesn’t do already, add it to the Feature Requests.

Please do not ever post any sensitive information (such as passwords or server names)!