Version 3.1 is coming soon with lots of improvements and fixes


I just wanted to let everyone know that I think we’re closing in on a version 3.1 release. There is quite a list of enhancements, including:

  • Customizable avatars with unlockable parts
  • Family enhancements - the ability to associate an existing account with a family head
  • Import and export to and from Excel for codes (libraries and schools) and events
  • Integrated badge creation tool
  • Ability to hide badges and events from the public
  • Lots of general Control Room improvements across the board
  • Personal patron-specified goals (e.g. a patron could specify their personal goal is 20m of reading a day) with the ability to set a program-level default
  • At-a-glance report (looks great printed, too)
  • Many improvements to events including adding structured data for better search engine visibility
  • Direct link goodness: directly link to badges, challenges, and events and a direct secret code link that brings the user to the dashboard and enters the code for them in the field (they just click submit)
  • Challenges are now publicly viewable (helping with search engine visibility)
  • Option to make entering book details required at the program-level

I am hoping to produce an upgrade process to go from the 3.0 releases to the 3.1 release. Comments or questions always welcome!