V 3.1 "registration-email-not-required-note"


Since upgrading to 3.1, this note appears on the second page of the registration process. I only slightly poked around for the location of this info box so I can update the text. Location? Thanks!


This is a Program Resource Text item. When Brice did the upgrade he probably wasn’t able to perform this step for your programs:

For each of your programs, go into the Static Text option and ensure you have all the items configured that show up in the file attached to this post. You can just cut and paste the contents of this file to the end if you don’t have any of them.

GRA Upgrade Resource Text.zip (1.3 KB)


Note that these may not become live until the application cycles. You might ask Brice to restart the App Pool or edit the Web.config to trigger IIS to reload the application.


That worked! Thanks. The new email message showed up right away.


Great! :slight_smile: