Trying to start our program and cant finish the instillation

On the Step by Step guide in The Great Reading Adventure I have made it to Install the software. I have decent understanding of computers but no schooling in the area. I have tried to set up the GRA as the only site on the server and set up the GRA as an additional site on the server and neither one will allow me to launch the website to the GRA setup screen. I have no clue why and I would love it if someone can walk me through this more.

The last step on the second option said I could use the web server using the URL i defined for this install of the GRA but I dont see any url I defined for the install. I am really lost but so close to finishing this and getting to the actual sight please help

Have you read through the Installation Issues area of the forum? I don’t follow where you’re getting stuck since it’s been almost a year since installation. Screenshots really help!

Ok I am trying to finish the instillation step by step guide. I have tried both options and one the first option I get stuck on step 14 when I tried to launch the localhost I get an error I did not get the initial GRA setup screen. So I tried the second set of step by steps and got stuck on step 21. I was never asked to define a URL and if I need to thats ok but what URL am I supposed to use. Thank u for taking time to write me back we are a little library with 4 employees and really wanting a great summer reading program this year. If after reading this u would like me to screenshot things just let me know what u want to see and I will get them for u.

There are multiple places where numbered steps are listed. Can you list the actual steps you’re getting stuck on (not just the number)?

If you’re self-hosting you’ll need a web server to host your pages (as well as a database server and mail server, if you want to use Messages within the GRA). Did you set these up?

So sorry about the delayed response.

If you can provide more detail and screenshots it would help us troubleshoot this.