Trouble integrating books, challenges and events

I am struggling to make the software do what I want it to do. I would like to have points and badges awarded for books read (increments of 5-10 books.) Then I would like each non-book challenge and event to be worth 10 points. Every time I put in one of these, though, it boosts the point total and causes the book badges to be awarded prematurely. Can I integrate these three parts? Can anyone give me an example of how they set up their program to incorporate these 3 separate types of activity?

It would be helpful if you could post some screenshots of what you’re doing. Based on what you’ve written, it sounds like you may have inadvertently connected multiple badges to one another, which is resulting in them being simultaneously awarded. Or I could totally be reading your post wrong. :grinning:

What I think are trying to do is configure the program to use a different conversion (see my response to your other post), then award these badges based on the user earning increments of five points (which is done in the “Triggers” section of Mission Control. That would let you set specific badges that would be automatically triggered based on accumulation of a specific number of points. Then, you’d use the “Challenges” section to set up the non-book challenges.

If I am understanding correctly, you are currently attempting to use “Challenges” to achieve both.

I do think I was creating challenges for book-related badges, and then cross-triggering them when I added non-book challenges. How I solved the problem was to eliminate points for everything but books. Kids earn badges for challenges and events, but it doesn’t add to their point tally–it just qualifies them for prizes based on completion. For this summer, it will be good enough. I’ll have a whole year to explore this afterward, but I have thrown this together in a month and it will have to do! Thanks for the reply.

That makes good sense. Glad you figured it out.