The Great Reading Adventure version 3.1!


I’m pleased to announce the release of :books: The Great Reading Adventure software version 3.1! :tada:

This release brings a lot of new and exciting features and bug fixes including (but not limited to):

  • Avatar customizations - patrons can construct their own avatar out of a set of parts
  • Event system improvements - easier to create events, eliminate lots of unused fields
  • Challenges are visible to the public
  • Social media sharing capabilities (Twitter and Facebook - NO tracking cookies or tracking codes)
  • Ability to pull in existing patron accounts as family member accounts
  • Patrons can set their own goal (e.g. a patron could specify their personal goal is 20m of reading a day)
  • Configurable option to require patrons to enter book details
  • Events and crosswalks can be imported and exported with Excel
  • Hidden badges and events to allow secret codes to truly be secret
  • Lots of changes to improve the usability of the Control Room
  • Reporting improvements including an at-a-glance report
  • Ability to direct link to events, badges, and challenges
  • Search engine visibility improvements (structured data on events)
  • Tons more, see the change log for details.

It should be possible to upgrade from any version 3 installation of the GRA to 3.1 β€” there are upgrade instructions on the forum and an upgrade package on GitHub:

I have run through the upgrade a number of times on as many version 3 databases as I could find and it’s been successful, however it is a complex multi-step operation. Please ensure you back up your files and database prior to attempting the upgrade!

As always, feel free to post on the forum with any questions or concerns. You can also always private message me here if you have specific configuration issues that you don’t wish to be public.

:fireworks: A special thanks to Justin Meiners (@justinm) for his help on this release - the avatar customization code is entirely his, along with other features and bug fixes! We are thrilled to have his code contributions incorporated into this release!



Finally digging in and trying out 3.1. You did a stellar job, HP.

@justinm My staff loves the custom avatars. Excellent contribution.


@carisomalley, right?! Version 3.1 is a tremendous leap!


Sure is. Super impressive.


Thank you! I am glad someone else finds it useful.