Test/survey not displaying text correctly



In the test/survey module, I can’t get the text to format properly. Every time I save it, it overwrites with code that then displays in preview. Like this:

That is plain text copied and pasted, then saved.


And it just gets messier with each subsequent question added.


So in the second line there I can see that you’re cut and pasting from MS Word and that just doesn’t work at all with the HTML control. You can try pasting the text into Notepad first to remove that HTML formatting

Alternately you can view the source using the control and remove the extraneous HTML but there will be an awful lot of it.

As for the formatting - the survey it self should display properly even though what you’re seeing in the Control Room is the HTML source.


That was the process I followed to get it into plain text (copying and pasting to and from Notepad). I tried viewing the source and removing the HTML, but it’s just repopulated any time I try to reformat within the GRA’s text editor.

Shouldn’t the “preview” display correctly, though? It just gives me a bunch of code, too. Or is that a known bug?


The control that we’re using for HTML is going to add <p> and </p> tags as paragraphs no matter what you do. The important part is to get all the MS Word junk (<!--[if gte mso 9]>...) out of there - and there will be a lot of it.

The preview is going to show the HTML tags (sorry about that) and this list is going to show the HTML tags (sorry about that). There’s not much I can do about the list - if it rendered the HTML then it wouldn’t display very well in the table. The preview not working is on me and I’ve filed it as a bug.


Great. Thanks, HP. I can work with that.