Spanish Option?


Hi there!
We kicked off our Summer Reading Club yesterday and things are going well. One comment we did get was what we were doing about Spanish speakers. We had a few Spanish speaking patrons who were struggling through the registration process. What have you all been doing to accommodate non-English speakers?


Spanish language support is important to us as well. Unfortunately multi-language support didn’t make it in this year due to the amount of work that needed to be done. I’m hoping we’ll get gettext-based multi-language support in for next year so that people can use tools such as Poedit to contribute translations back to the project.


OK- good to know it’s in the works! I tried loading the page through Google Translate, and it translated the first two pages of the registration process, but then switched to English again on the third page. We’ll just have to provide support the best we can right now.


This would be so great! I live in a very large spanish-speaking community and this would really help!