Some email functions work, some don't


What works: In Control Room, Settings > Test Email (from Control Room) AND Lost Password/Reset (from front end)

What doesn’t work: Email notification to new Control Room user with their login info (from Control Room) OR mail sent from GRA user Mail > Write a message (from front end)

When my coworker told me she hadn’t received an email with her Control Room info, I was concerned because in previous setups of the GRA the email function was not working. I put myself at east when I did Test Email and it came through right away. I chalked up the problem to the mysteries of Outlook.

But today I sent a message from my user account, and haven’t received it. Not in junk folder or quarantined.

Two functions work (one from Control Room and one from front end) and two functions are stuck somewhere (one from Control Room and one from front end)…



So there are actually two mail functions in the software. I’m so sorry this is unclear.

  1. The system only sends actual emails for:
    a) Control Room "Test Email"
    b) Control Room password recovery
    c) Patron password recovery
    d) New Tenant/Organization created to the admin user of that Tenant/Organization

  2. Everything else referred to as “Mail” is part of the in-system mail function. At the top of the patron screen there’s an envelope icon which will show a little indicator next to it when a patron has unread messages. When patrons use the in-system mail function to send an email to administrators, you’ll see it in the “Mail” tab of the control room.

I don’t believe it sends an email for a new Control Room user.

The in-system mail system was developed so that email addresses of librarians managing the summer reading program wouldn’t have to be given out (so that their email boxes wouldn’t be overwhelmed with patron questions — our program has 77,000+ participants and we receive between 5 and 20 of these in-system mails a day). Our services team has a daily task to log in and check the mail tab in the Control Room to respond to patron questions and concerns.

I have task items to try to figure out a more intuitive way to handle this (possibly having people get emailed when they have a new in-system notification that remains unread for X days, possibly having a checkbox where Control Room users can have in-system mails forwarded to their email) but I haven’t gotten there quite yet.

I hope this clears it up, let me know if you’re seeing behavior that doesn’t follow those rules or if any of this does not make sense.


Ohhhhh. Loud and clear. Now I know what Mail Queue is, since it now had a message there!

Thanks, Harald! (See, I’m really just forcing you to write little bits of documentation for me.) :wink:


As a related feature request, I jotted down that it would be most excellent to have the ability to shoot out little “reminder” emails to patrons alerting them that they have new mail in the GRA. Maybe an option to receive emails a) every time they receive something b) daily digest c) weekly digest d) don’t send email notifications.

This function would prevent the GRA from becoming a one-sided input machine for logging. It would also be a heads-up for parents who are the master account, since they don’t receive notices about family members unless they use the ‘Login as’ feature.

Just a thought. Thanks again!


I just need to actually get around to compiling all these tidbits of documentation into the manual so that they don’t only exist among forum posts here. :slight_smile:

I think the ability for the GRA to email people is a great idea and with a little care it can be helpful and interesting and not irritating. I think what you’re describing makes sense, also I was thinking about a “email me if I haven’t checked in reading in x amount of time” feature so that if you stop reading the system reminds you that you’re enrolled in the program to encourage you to get back into it.

The idea of having children account notifications bubble up so that parents get them is brilliant. I’ll add these notes to my list as well.


Yay! You’re a joy to work with, Harald.

I promise to get back into docu-compiling mode once our GRA is really up and running!