Site redirecting to Control Room login page


For some reason, our gra home page is redirecting first time visitors directly to the Control Room Login page.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Main URL taking users to GRA configuration page

Usually that happens when the software is unable to connect to the database server. Are you sure thr database server is up and running?


The database server is definitely up and running.


Hmm. I’ve not seen this then. Is there a program marked active? Perhaps if no programs are active it doesn’t know where to go. Is multi-tenancy enabled (i.e. are there multiple organizations)?


Hi Harald - Brice is hosting my setup, which is multi-tenancy. However, last I looked my half of the setup was the only one active. (I’m working the circ desk right now but I’ll check in a bit.)


@bcunningham, I think the workaround will be to point your redirect URL to https://(domain)/Default.aspx?PID=#, where # is the id of the landing page specific to your library branch.

I’m using https://(domain)/Default.aspx?PID=3 as my landing page, since I’ll be directing people to our library website instead of the GRA site. It is proving stable, without going to the Control Room (unless I’m logged into the Control Room in another tab… in that case it does seem to get funny, requiring more frequent logins)


Using that URL I still get sent to the control panel :confused:


Oh no! That’s really weird… (thinking)


There are multiple organizations. I am not familiar with the software, I’m just hosting it, but it appears there is an active program.

I still get redirected using that URL.


I think the Soldotna Org needs a program. The Master Tenant is just “there”, or at least that’s how I have come to understand it.

Account timeout doesn't route to 'Logout URL'

It is possible to use the master tenant as a ‘normal’ tenant but I am wary of recommending that because when you create a new tenant it clones the master into the new tenant. This can be helpful if it has been planned this way but really frustrating if the master tenant is full of content which isn’t desired for the new tenants.


UPDATE: The solution was to leave the Domain Name field blank (in Organization Add/Edit) for all other organizations except for the Master Tenant. Previously the domain was entered into both the Master and the two sub-Organizations, which causes seemingly spontaneous redirects to the Control Room login site.