Simpler master-and-sub account creation


These are my two main suggestions for a more efficient way to create accounts for families.

After completing the master account, we should have the ability to create a sub account without having to go back to the main menu, search for the patron we just created, then add a sub account.

Email/phone/city information should also copy over from master account to every new sub account created.


It sounds like you’re still running version 3. A lot of work went into improving family accounts in version 4. There are no longer masters/subs and the order that accounts are created does not matter. Hallelujah. It’s one of my favorite improvements and has made both users and staff very happy.


Yeah, I just noticed that we’re running on 3.1.0. Kind of too late to update now, so I guess we’re stuck with v3 until next summer.


Yes, there isn’t an upgrade script from 3 to 4 so you would have to start from scratch. But I highly recommend using v.4 next year!