Setting up Levels for Adventures


To unlock Adventures at different point values, you need to set up the Levels. Once you’ve set up your Adventures the way you want them, go to the “Management” tab, then “Levels.” Add a new entry on the Levels List, and give it the title of your program (or whatever is easiest for you). We set our Board Size to 1,000 because that is the highest prize level we have. If you want participants to have access to an Adventure before they earn any points, choose a “Default Primary Adventure” from the drop-down menu.

Next, click “Game Levels” (the purple button) and then add a new Level. Enter the number of minutes needed to reach that Level. (If you want a Level to unlock every 100 points, for example, put “100” for each new Level you create, rather than “100,” then “200,” then “300.”) Put a “1” in each of the X and Y location boxes. Next, choose a “Primary Adventure” if you only want to unlock one per level. Save each Level before creating the next one.

After you’ve finished entering all of your Levels, you’ll need to make the Game Board active. Go to the “Programs” tab, and then click on the Edit icon for whichever program you want the Adventures to unlock for. Once in the Program you want, click the “Description & Game” tab. Select the game board you just created from the “Game” drop-down menu, then click “Save.”

Following these steps should work, please let me know if you have further questions!

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My problem right now is that the “Adventures” button isn’t showing up at all even though my Adventures are active. There’s nowhere for people to access them. I tried downloading web.config and then uploading again, but that didn’t seem to work.


Just to be clear, you’ve done all of the steps above with activating the Levels, etc.? The “Adventures” tab won’t show up unless the Levels are configured.


Got it! Thank you so much. What exactly is the Bonus Play Mode?


Bonus Play Mode allows participants to continue logging their reading (and potentially unlocking more games) when they go past the game board size. For example, if I set the game board size to 1000 since that is my highest prize level, but I want to encourage participants to keep reading, I might set my bonus multiplier at 2 (so leveling up takes twice as long) and make a few more games that unlock on the bonus levels.