Setting a future 'Logging Start Date' hides Reading Log/Secret Code


Using V 3.1

What I thought would happen: Setting ‘Logging Start Date’ to a future date would allows users to register and become familiar with the site, but they wouldn’t be able to log minutes.

What happens: Future log date makes the center of the user Home page disappear:

I’ve now backdated the Logging Start Date, and plan on manually deleting any logging that happens from now until this is resolved. Happy Summer Reading Program season to all!


I think the dates are exactly opposite what you are thinking - the logging date is the date patrons can log minutes and codes, the program start date is when patrons can sign up.

Sorry about this. These terminology choices were not mine but the fact this hasn’t been clearly documented yet probably falls on me.


So it’s normal for the whole middle area to disappear if the logging date is in the future? I assumed that because there was a text area in the Control Roomfor this situation (Notification When Logging Is Not Active, under Programs > Program List > Edit Record > Footer & Not Logging Text) that if users entered minutes they would get that message… but they would still get to see the logging area for minutes and codes.


No worries about diving in too much asap. I’ll keep checking here but won’t be getting into the Control Room until Monday, if I’m lucky.


We do hide the logging minutes and code blanks when the program hasn’t started but there should be a message there. It should be text out of the resources file.

As a workaround you could change the place where you have “LEARN MORE ABOUT SUMMER@HPL” to say something like “start logging minutes and codes on .”

Sorry about this. Clearly more work needs to be done on the pre-logging timing and messages. :disappointed:


Thanks for the workaround suggestion.

It would be nice to allow users to see all the content of the home screen, but minutes/books wouldnt be allowed to be entered until the logging start date. (Just another feature request from your biggest fan!)


I hadn’t considered this but it does make sense. I shall consider this further! :slight_smile:


I just edited the readinglog-description text, since users were freely entering minutes over the first weekend of registration (despite the prior note saying not to). If you can’t beat them, join them!


Changed from Error to Feature Request.


Aak. Just saw my typo in the screenshot… Ignore that!


DUH. All one has to do to be able to show the logging/secret code area while not allowing reading logging is to go into System Settings and set the Max Points Per Day and Max Log Min/Entry to zero.

Secret codes for pre-logging events (such as special codes for schools, early bird registration, etc) can still be entered and earned as long as they don’t have points attached (ours don’t, since we are using 1 point = 1 minute of reading time only).

It would still be helpful to have the logging date do this work for me, but all I have to do is change the Max Points/Mins on the starting day of our reading program. A relatively simple solution around this, so thought I’d share.