Server Crash Recovery


The server we were hosting the Great Reading Adventure on recently crashed but we were able to get a command prompt on it to copy data off of it. We were able to grab the SQL files from C:\Program Files (x86) and the gra2 inetpub folder. Is there any other directory we should back up as well to install the software on a new server? Does anyone have any tips for recovering SQL from the database folders within Program Files and not a backup?


Assuming the SQL Server service was not running at the time of the backup, just copying off the GRA .mdf and .ldf files should be sufficient along with the Web/inetpub directory. I’d assume you can use the Attach a Database process in SQL Server Management Studio to get the database spun back up.


Thanks for your response, it looks like we do have those files so hopefully we can recover everything we lost.


Good luck! Let me know if you run into any problems and I can try to help. :slight_smile:


Hey Richie,

I can see that you are worried about your SQL Server crashing unexpectedly. It is good move that you want to go with the option to recover corrupt SQL database from its folders.
In order to achieve this target you will need to attach MDF file without LDF file in database.

Hope this approach helps you to recover your crashed SQL Server database.