Seeing a few errors after installation


I am seeing some errors (through Firebug) when running the software. It seems to be happening most when editing an existing Program. When I click edit, I see a mostly white page and I assume I should be seeing the ckeditor.

http://src/ControlRoom/Modules/Programs/ProgramsAddEdit.aspx (throwing errors)

I do see the ckeditor when adding a new Program (using the add + sign icon), but after I’ve added a Program, I can’t edit it. I also can’t edit the sample content.

I am getting errors on CombineScriptsHandler (which seems to be missing) and there are two other files which look to be missing too.

files missing are:

From Firebug:

NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - http://src/CombineScriptsHandler.axd?TSM_CombinedScripts=True&v=vK80CdBytd2itQ1QCZmfaipKETvmp9m3MuE5Ow21Q-Q1&TSM_Bundles=&cdn=False"

TypeError: Sys.Extended is undefined
$create(Sys.Extended.UI.CalendarBehavior, {“id”:"ContentPlaceHolder1_dv_TabConta…

TypeError: Sys.Extended is undefined
Line 1291

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Well, that is frustrating. Sorry about that!

You might have better luck with the 2.2.1 release - I came on to the project after 2.2 had been released and some of my first steps with the code were fixing and upgrading dependencies (I know I specifically upgraded the version of CKEditor that is packaged with the GRA). I hate to be the guy telling you to just upgrade to the latest version to fix all of your problems but it may address some or all of them. I can say that the CKEditor does load on the Control Room program description tab in Firefox 41.0.2 in my test deployment (I do see a couple 404’s in Firefox, a spinner GIF and a style sheet but I am able to edit program descriptions).


I am on the latest 2.2.1 release. When I inspect my blank page, I see inline style of visibility:hidden. I can uncheck that and then I see the page with a tab container at the top. Unfortunately, it looks like the tabs are not functioning. I can only see the content of the first tab.
I will keep rooting around.
Thanks for your help.


I am seeing where the ProgramsAddEdit.aspx page is loading two version of jQuery - 1.9.1 and 1.7.1. It’s possible that might be the cause of the tabs not rendering properly.

Are you seeing that?




I was aware of the multiple version of jQuery being loaded (I opened a GitHub issue about it) but I haven’t seen it result in this sort of behavior. I’m going to try deploying the 2.2.1 files here today and see if I can reproduce what you’re seeing. I’m hoping to get to a single version of jQuery and Bootstrap for the next release.

Do you know if your App Pool is set to “Integrated” or “Classic”? You might try flipping to the other setting to see if that helps things. I know the old installation instructions indicated that “Classic” was the correct setting but I suspect that somewhere along the line when I updated the dependencies the site started working better when set to “Integrated.”

Edit: Actually, in researching that CombineScriptsHandler.axd error, I see that other people have resolved it by switching to “Integrated” pipeline mode in their App Settings. Please give that a try and I’ll get to updating the installation instructions to reflect that if it works.

Sorry about the misinformation in the install guide!


That cleared it up! I switched to integrated pipeline mode for that App. Pool and now it renders properly. Thanks for your help.
Best Regards,
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I’m so glad to hear that! Please don’t hesitate to post if you have any other issues.

We’re making some pretty substantial improvements to the software over the next couple months so if your reading program is going to start next year you may want to plan on doing a redeploy some time around the new year when we release our next revision. I’m not sure that we’ll have an upgrade path (some significant database changes have already been made - we’re moving to fully hashed passwords, etc). If you are going to need an upgrade ability from 2.2.1 to the next version, please let me know and I’ll see if I can put something together.


Sounds good. I suspect that we will do a redeploy of the new version when it’s released. We’re using the current version as an in-house training tool.