School Registration confusion (field flag doesn't tell the whole story)


When School is required, but not completed during registration, the School field is flagged in red with the message “The School field is required.” (This is good!)


However, confusion ensues when the registrant attempts to go back and pick a school. The list of schools isn’t populated in the flagged field until a School District is selected, but this isn’t indicated in the message or flagged fields.


This issue is minor, but I see it causing enough confusion during the registration process to prevent some registrations from being completed.

Two solutions I’ve come up with to fix this:

  • If School is required but not selected before a registrant clicks Final Step button, flag School District field in red (in addition to flagging School), with a modified message (“Select a School District, then a School”).

  • If instance of the GRA is set up with a single School District, have the School District field pre-populated when registrants reach this section of registration. This way, if a registrant attempts to continue registering without selection a school, the School field will already have the list of schools when they receive the “The School field is required” message.

My preference is the second option since we have a simple list of schools under a single School District. But I would recommend the first option as a edit to the default out-of-the-box GRA.



Both of your suggestions make sense and we’re pursuing implementing both of them (letting people know that if School District isn’t selected for some reason that it’s a problem, and automatically selecting School District and School Type if there’s only one option in the field).

Sorry this has complicated things for you - we’ll have a new release soon that you can deploy to fix this. What’s your timeline for your program? I’m debating whether we should generate a release now with the additional fixes or wait in case you find more issues. :wink:


Thanks, @harald. We’ll launch registration in a week and go live with the program May 29. I’m just barely getting into the setup after being away at a conference, so nothing was done before yesterday besides install. I would prefer to keep poking at things for a while if it’s helpful.

(And by saying it’s confusing to registrants, I mean my imaginary ones… no one is registering yet, but I’m trying to think like a first timer. So no worries! Your reputation is unharmed. :slight_smile:)


I’m far more worried about the success of your program than my reputation. :smiley_cat:

Keep poking, let us know what you find. I will plan to do a beta2 build on Thursday or Friday which should allow you to copy that code to your Web server and have the latest code before registration starts up next week.


You rock, @harald. That schedule works well for me. I have no circ desk hours on Wednesdays so most of today and all of tomorrow will be dedicated to setting up challenges, triggers, etc. I’ll do by best to report anything funky. Thanks!