School and district crosswalk


We’re having some issues with the school list.

Based on how we have this configured (a small sample):

We should be seeing more schools than this when applying the “elementary” filter:

I have tested it and confirmed that deleting all data from the grade and age fields fixes the sorting (which I did with Adams and Arlington, but not with Audubon and Balboa). Filling in all the fields has no impact. We can work with this, but I think this is a bug.

Also (feature request): we should be able to list Kindergarten and pre-school in the min grade field, but it only allows numbers:


My guess here (not looking at any code) is that it’s filtering the list based on the patron’s grade and age - if you aren’t collecting that information then it’s probably defaulting it to 0 (i.e. when the patron gets to that stage of setup their grade and age are set to 0 if you have it set not to prompt them for that information). The crosswalks seem to do that - I removed “City” from the display of the library crosswalk because it was exhibiting that behavior (which is super-weird because if someone misspells their city name then the drop-downs would come up blank because the city didn’t exactly match).

The only reason I can think of to have the age/grade information related to a school is for doing this kind of filtering during patron registration. Is that functionality you’d be using or would it work better for you if the crosswalk just didn’t include age and grade?


What you describe is how it is supposed to work. Ideally, when someone selects an age or grade, the list should be prefiltered to include those. In this case, based on that logic, it simply isn’t working properly. This registration was something like third grade, age 8. The criteria matched a bunch of different schools in the crosswalk.

Grade and age were designed to be the two data inputs that sorted things during the registration process. During the test pilot, we were dismayed to learn from BJ that they were exclusive- using both age and grade together wouldn’t work (we were trying to use age to sort into a program and grade to sort into a test). I am suspicious that the interaction of these two inputs is causing this behavior.

I tested by deleting the fields (independently) from the crosswalk, but not by disabling one or the other from the registration screen, as I was dealing with our live production instance.


Age or grade are probably reasonable items to use to filter down a list - city would never be due to typo and spelling issues (in addition to possible spatial issues that people might have).

So what you want is to use age to sort into a program and grade to sort into whether to run a particular test? I don’t think there’s necessarily any problem with making that work.

I’ll review this logic more in depth after things slow down in our summer reading program and see how it’s all actually working.


Well, that’s what we’d tried to do last summer. I don’t know that’s the best approach, though.

If a school picked the GRA up, I can see them wanting to use grade as a sorting mechanism. I guess, in an ideal world, we wouldn’t make them that task exclusive. Not sure how that translates to the development side of things. It might be helpful to have the option to choose somewhere to sort the program by age/grade and the test by age/grade.