Reporter doesn't play nice with small date ranges


Is the date using 12:00:01 am?

Using the AdHoc Report module, I selected First Name, Last Name, and Registration Date From 5/16/16 to 5/16/16 to see who registered that day. Zero results.

Using Registration Date From 5/16/16 to 5/17/16, the results are ONLY the registrations from 5/16.

Using Registration Date From 5/16/16 to 5/18/16, the results are ONLY the registrations from 5/16 and 5/17.

Adding time to the date range would be awesome. I knew we had registrants that day so I continued experimenting with the report, otherwise I would have mistakenly thought we didn’t have anyone register that day. Adding time would also allow us to determine how effective a outreach event (say a school visit in the afternoon) was in capturing registrations.

Thanks for considering!


Yeah, I think it’s automatically using 12:00:00 AM for date-based reports as your research seems to confirm. you are absolutely right that getting measurements over a time period could be beneficial in regard to programming and events.

I don’t have anything nice to say about the “AdHoc Report” so I’m trying very hard to “say nothing at all” as I was instructed in my youth. In my professional opinion it either needs a lot of fixing or to just be replaced with some sane reporting that doesn’t start out with a full page of poorly-defined checkboxes and labels.


Haha! I don’t find it to be completely awful. But we’re using the Evergreen ILS which has an infamous reporting module.

Some of my "feature requests"are really just an excuse to document some quirks, to hopefully be discovered by others if needed. Everything about the GRA so far beats our paper-and-scissors-and-stamps method!