Removing Minutes and Pages from Logging Options


I read the manual and skimmed through the forum, but didn’t see any instructions on how to remove certain options on the patron logging module. We only log books on our Summer Reading Program and don’t want anyone thinking we switched to minutes and pages instead!

This seems like it would be an easy fix, so hopefully someone has an answer!

Thank you!


If you go into the ControlRoom and navigate to:

  • Programs (at the top)
  • Click the edit icon next to the program you want to modify (looks like: )
  • Choose the Activity Point Conversions & Literacy Testing tab

Any item that is empty on the right side for “This many Points” should not be shown as an option for logging. So, for example, if your configuration looks like this:

Then it should work the way you want. Don’t forget to click save at the bottom (the floppy disk icon) - I forget to click the save button all the time. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you!

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Oh my goodness thank you so much!

That was such an easy fix! :slight_smile: