Removing challenges once awarded


We are having trouble with our challenges. When a patron completes a challenge and it is awarded it does not disappear off their account and they can keep doing it. We have a free book for registration challenge and we do not want them receiving multiple books.


I just registered on your site and see that there are two free book challenges: “Free book for Signing up” and “Registration: Free Book”. I was able to complete each challenge only once. Once the participant achieves the challenge they should not be able to undo it and complete the challenge again. Are you undoing the challenge completion from the administration side?

The way that we approach join awards is:

  1. Create a sign-up badge for each program (in Mission Control, select the wrench at the right side, then select Program management, then for each program create a sign-up badge)
  2. Create a single trigger (Mission Control, gear icon) configured such that the participant must have earned 1 of the sign-up badges and have it award a prize (“Free sign-up book” or something similar)
  3. When participants come in to claim their prize, our staff finds them in the participants area of Mission Control (the people icon) and then selects the Prizes tab to redeem their prize (to ensure they do not double-redeem).

I am not sure if the join badges are applied retroactively (that is, I’m not sure if you create them after people have signed up if they will receive them the next time they sign in) but you could also create a trigger with the prize that activates on a participant checking the box in that challenge or earning a single point.

Sorry this is complicated and not super-clear at the outset, I realize this needs to be better explained in the documentation. (You can also delete my account from your program if you need to).


We did create a trigger but when we look in the people icon for the prize tab and their is nothing there. The Prizes are not showing up to redeem. It has been reported that the challenge then appears again in the patrons account to complete again. I am not sure what to do to fix this. Thanks for your help.

  1. Does the trigger show that it awards a Prize? On the trigger details screen is the “Award Prize” area open with a prize name and redemption instructions provided?
  2. The challenge should always appear in the participant’s account but it should show as completed once they check the box and submit, that’s what happened when I created an account in your system and completed the challenge. In Mission Control, when you go into the participant’s history, do you see them completing the challenge and being awarded the badge or points?

I set the trigger to award a prize. It shows up in the patron’s history but not in prizes. Because it doesn’t appear in the prize tab there isn’t any way to keep track of whether the prize is awarded or not, so another staff member could award this prize again by mistake. If we delete it from the history tab, the challenge shows up again in the patron’s challenges and they can re-do it. Are the prizes not supposed to show up in the prize tab?