Registration typo


Not sure if you saw this one yet, but “participate” is spelled wrong. I couldn’t locate a place where that text could easily be changed.


I believe this is in registration-instructions in the Programs -> Static Text resources area. I’ll make sure the default file has the typo fixed.

Thanks for reporting it!


I swear I looked for it and couldn’t find it! But there it is.

Looks like there are a couple of “successfully” typos, too.


Sorry, I ain’t no good at book learnin’. I’ll run that file through a spell checker to ensure I get everything correct. :confused:

Edit: it looks like I maybe fixed some of these but I’m not sure what I put in the upgrade instructions about updating this file so you might be going off an older original source which has not aged well like a fine wine. :wine_glass:


To be honest, the spelling that the original development team subjected us to made me complacent to anything that was even in the general vicinity of a phonetic spelling. I feel like I’m getting picky.


These were pointed out previously, and I haven’t seen the typos return after upgrades (that’s good!).