Registration Start/End dates instead of just Start/End


Today, a day after our program ended, we had a patron register for our summer reading program and then get confused because they couldn’t log their time.

I can see Start Date/End Date labels changed to Registration Start/End Date, since this appears to be what it does (as oppose to actually stopping the program or patrons from entering their accts). I was confused, thinking that the End Date was when patrons couldn’t get into their accounts. I wanted it to be past the Logging End Date so they could still log in and look for any messages we might send out (such as a wrap-up survey or prize winner announcements).

Also, if the Start date is in the future or the End date is in the past, the “Registration for this program starts on/ended on ____” message should appear on the first splash screen, not part way through the registration process.


We had the same. This very much needs to be much clearer. I’m so sorry you experienced this. :rage: