Reader's Logs: Minutes, Pages, & Books


We are looking into using this program next summer! Yey! There is one concern though: are the minutes, pages, and number of books logged allowed to be changed? For example in the Demo site the max amount of minutes read is 60, max pages 90 and max books 1. Can this be changed on the administrative side? Perhaps to not have a maximum at all? Thank you!


Awesome to hear!

Yes, the max amount of minutes, pages and books can be customized. We just chose some arbitrary defaults to demonstrate this functionality. Once you have the software installed and set-up, you can access these options (and many more) from the “ControlRoom” or administrative side, under the “Settings”, then “System Settings” page.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns as you plan for next summer :smile:


Awesome! Thank you! I do have another question if you are up for it! :smile:

Do you think this could be linked to an app that would allow you to log your reading?
Could I create an app that would allow access to the reading log?

Thank you!


The software currently does maintain a reading log for each user as long as they enter the title and author of the book they’ve read.

We’re actually hoping to integrate Goodreads for the next release. Users should be able to update their Goodreads log when they submit a book as completed in the Great Reading Adventure software.

If you’d like to share more details of what you are trying to accomplish (e.g. do you want an external app to be able to access the GRA reading list or do you want a book check-in in the GRA to trigger an external app?) it might help.

Here’s a sample of the reading log view:


Thanks Harald. Yes, an external app that accesses GRA is what I am looking at. I’m not looking for anything extravagant. Just the idea that the user could be able to log their reading from their mobile device (android/ios/windows?). The thought process is: the more accessible the reading log, the more often the reader will log thus more usage of the program.


We have concerns about the current state of using the GRA from mobile devices as well. We’re currently working on revising the front-end to make it more modern and responsive so that users should be able to easily log minutes and books using the Web browser on their mobile device(s).

A mobile application is on our radar for the GRA but probably not until next year. We could certainly look into building some sort of API to allow minutes to be logged from other applications, I’m just not sure that we’ll have time to code it on our end for summer 2016.

Since the project is open source, anyone could contribute an API - once we review contributed code and determine that it is secure and functional, we’d happily integrate it into the main GRA source tree.

It is our intention to post on the forum here as we deploy improved builds of the software for testing. If you’d like to contribute to that effort (just testing the site on mobile devices and providing feedback) it would help us a lot. :smile:


Great to hear and thank you for the quick responses! As I continue to play around with GRA I am more than happy to help with feedback!


Our Teen Program coordinator prefers to log and award points based on hours. I thought that would be “no issue”, am finding out that the time is not cumulative. I tried a test patron, logged 45 minutes of reading. Then logged 109 minutes. Only one hour points were awarded.

Should I change each minute to be worth 0.0167 points? (I think she will only give a prize at each 10 points… or 600 minutes.


We award based on hours, but have 1 minute = 1 point. I set up badges to be awarded for each 60 points/minutes, which trigger the badge to be awarded and adds a prize to the patrons account to be redeemed. I think this setup would work for you too, using badges rather than the points for your tracking. I’m on my phone and not at work yet, but I’ll share an example when I can get to my computer.


@birchard Here’s how I set up the first hour badge…

And here’s the Award Trigger for the above Badge.


I’m not sure what you mean by “the time is not cumulative”—if you have a badge set to award at x points it should not matter how a patron logs their time, once they reach x points it should award them that badge.

What’s your current translation of minutes -> points? Are you set to 60 minutes is 1 points with two badges configured to award at 1 and 2 points?

We take the same approach here that Holly does where 1 minute is 1 point. If we were to give hourly badges we’d award one at 60 points and one at 120 points.


Teen coordinator desires 60 minutes = 1pt. This is probably the problem. If I enter less than 60, no point(s). When I make separate entries 45 and 55 for example, where the total 100 should award a point, no :dice:.

Coordinator is trying to model “pre-GRA” program, where kids are awarded “Bucks” for each hour read. (and 5 bucks for a book review, and 10 bucks for doing a puzzle page - word search for example.)

There is an auction party in August where the bucks can be spent.


Ugh, yeah. This sounds like a rounding problem. It’s possible we’ve not tested the software this way. Is it possible to have them just award “Bucks” per 60 points? Or revalue the “Bucks” so that an hour read is “60 Bucks” but then revalue the prizes to match?

When does your program start? It may be challenging to try to get a fix in if it starts soon.


I’ve suggested she switch to 1:1 as the program was designed… and award a Buck for 60 points. We start June 6.


@birchard You can make fun badges that look like bucks! So instead of mine, that reflect the minutes read, you’d do 1, 2, 3, etc. (I’m pretty obsessed with making badges… luckily it’s very easy!)