Questions about GRA setup



  1. Can a default goal of 20 minutes of reading per day be set for all patrons? I’ve only seen options for goals relating to registration fields so far.

  2. I’ve tried to set up a board game several times, but I’ve never seen it appear. Where is it supposed to appear for patrons when the conditions are right?

  3. From what I understand, levels populate the game board with spaces, but they also populate the patron’s adventures if admins specify that certain adventures should be unlocked at certain levels. Is this the right idea?

  4. Is it possible to make a patron-side tab that links to my library’s website for programming instead of uploading programming with Excel?

  5. What are “Offers”?

  6. What is the purpose of the “Codes” tab under “Settings”?

Any help is much appreciated!


  1. This is possible as of 3.1, I believe. If you go into the program edit screen under the “Basic Information” tab and scroll to the bottom, you will see the controls. You’d need to enable goals in the registration settings first. But on the program edit page, you can then set the default goal, and control its thresholds with the minimum and maximum goal settings. If I got any of that wrong, someone can correct me:

  2. Getting the board game to appear is a multi-step process. The first step is having a board image uploaded and configured with spaces, etc. in Management > Levels. Once that’s set up, you can go back to the edit program screen and click the “Description and Game” tab. From there, you’ll choose the game board you set up earlier from the drop-down menu. Once you log in with a patron account that meets the criteria of that program, the “Adventures” option should show up on the patron home screen. In an old video, I described the process of setting up the game board. Some of the terms have changed, but I believe the process is still the same. Be aware, this functionality is pretty clunky (starts at 19:05):

  3. Yes.

  4. Here’s what we did to get around that: Events link outside GRA

  5. Offers are basically electronic coupons from program sponsors. In Maricopa County, we had a lot of sponsors that wanted to give us free coupons (for fast food, bowling, discounts to science center, etc.), and we created that offers space as a way to give those out electronically so we wouldn’t have to mess with the paper coupon distribution. It’s helpful if you find yourself in that situation.

  6. Ignore that. It’s a Maricopa County-specific functionality. At MCLD, upon completion of the program, users receive a free book mailed to their home. That “Code” feature generates random promo codes that are used to redeem that free book on the vendor website. I’ve yet to run into a library that could use that outside of MCLD.