Program Setup in v4


I’m configuring my programs, and have a few questions. Is there an updated version of the guide that has information on how to set up your programs after installation?
Specific questions:

  1. Is there an option for Grade entry? In our current setup (using old Evanced Summer Reader), we limit the Kids and Teens program by Grade since there is some overlap with ages and grade levels. The adult program is anyone age 18 and older (so someone could be eligible for both the Teen and Adult program if they were 18 and in 12th grade).
  2. How do I set up the different programs so that some track minutes, but others track books? Under Point Translations, I only see One minute, one point, without the ability to add anything else.
  3. Our current prize system for Kids awards different prizes for different levels of minutes read. I believe I can do this successfully with the Badges (or would triggers be more appropriate?). For Teens and Adults, for every book they read, they are eligible to receive a ticket to enter into the prize drawing of their choice. They actually visit the library and get paper slips to enter into different drawing boxes. Is there a way to accomplish this in GRA? Currently, I’m thinking they would earn a badge or prize for each book they read, and then we would redeem those prizes when they come in, but that seems messy. To give an idea of scale, we handed out about 7,000 drawing slips between our Adult and Teen programs. I would much rather handle this entirely in the software, with the ability to choose where their prize entries go, but I’m assuming that would be a feature request.


Unfortunately we haven’t gotten to updating the guide further - it’s on our list of things to do. Sorry about that!

  1. We don’t have a grade entry capability in the software right now. The program here is based on age and we were at one point collecting grade information but I don’t believe we were using it for anything so we stopped. It might be possible to re-purpose the age blank to ask for grade level instead without a huge amount of work. Aligned with this - the software as it stands doesn’t have the ability for a person to easily be in two programs…they’d probably have to sign up twice with different account names. :frowning:

  2. Currently we don’t have a facility in the software to have different programs work with different point translations. This is another thing that we used to do in our program but we’ve stopped so we just haven’t gotten to implementing that feature in the software. As you can tell from the admin interface, we are planning to have this capability at some point.

  3. Two parts:

    • You could award kids prizes using triggers, set up a prize and a trigger to activate it at the appropriate point level. As they come in to get their prize, it can be marked as redeemed in the participant’s record (there’s a prizes tab for handling redemptions).

    • There’s not a facility in the software currently to have the “prize box” concept (where they could choose which contest to enter). You could configure the software to award prizes at the appropriate time and use that to give the participant the physical slip to put in a drawing box if you wanted to - I’m not sure if that saves you any effort, though. Another thought: you could perform drawings and then contact the winner to find out which of the prizes they’d like - shifting the prize selection part of the process to once they’d won rather than when they enter. I can see the desire to handle this in the software, dealing with 7,000 drawing slips seems like a mess. This does seem like it would be a pretty neat feature to add - let participants earn a token based on activity and then let them put that token towards a particular drawing or prize.


Thanks for the response!

  1. We wouldn’t need for someone to be in two programs at once. It’s just that with the logic of how we handle our programs, someone who is 18 could be eligible for the Adult program, but if they’re also in 12th grade, we would want them to have the option of choosing the teen program. The only difference between the two, really, is the prizes we give out. But by the same token, someone who is 11 years old could be in either 5th or 6th grade, which would be completely different programs (Kids/Teens). Can we have overlap on the maximum ages and then just let them choose the appropriate program? The way we do it now is by having them choose which program to participate in based on age categories, and then validation logic kicks in when we ask for their grade/age on the registration form.
  2. This feature, along with the grade selection - is there a previous version of the software that would work better for our needs? Or is the capability going to be added soon to the current version?
  3. We already hand out paper tickets for our prizes, I’m just wondering how this would work with the triggers, where we would be awarding one prize per book read. Does it have a count of sorts for the same prize, or would it be awarding several different prizes? And yes, our library would love a digital prize box system!


Sorry about the delay getting back to you.

  1. That totally makes sense. I can see how we’d put the logic in so that they could choose based on the age they put in - though (as I’m sure you’ve guessed) the software doesn’t work that way at the moment.
  2. Version 3 might be configurable to do what you’re looking for and I believe it allows you to prompt participants for grades (though I don’t know if you can use grade to sort them into a program). I haven’t looked at version 3 since June of 2016, perhaps @carisomalley can speak to it a little better, I think they used version 3 this year for their summer reading program.
  3. We don’t have any sort of prize counter, each prize can be awarded to a person only once. You’d probably have to set up multiple prizes.

I’ll chew on some of this and try to think of a way to easily implement it. What’s the timeline for your program look like?


My deadline is finding a replacement for next summer, so March 1 2019 at the latest. Ideally, I’d like to have a new program ready by November so we can test it out on our winter reading club, which begins February 1.


@kturpin @harald Yes, we used Version 3 this year. It allows you to configure registration to collect both age and grade. You can use either parameter to sort into a program, but it’s a global either/or situation. You can sort them by age or by grade, but not both.

The way we always handled it in the past (if I am recalling correctly from my MCLD days) was allowing for a participant to self-select a program after they’ve been automatically sorted by age/grade. So if they were an older teen, they could choose to go into the adult program. I think the sort placed them in the most logical program, but they could manually opt into a different one if they wanted.