Program Set-up--Multiple Programs and Staff Side Logging?

Hi! I have two quick questions about the Great Reading Adventure:

  1. Can I set up multiple ongoing reading programs that exist simultaneously? We have 1000 Books and 100 Books programs that run year round as well as seasonal Summer and Winter Reading Programs.

  2. Is it possible to log levels from the staff side? We have patrons that do not have internet access at home and check in with us at the library to log levels and receive prizes.

Thank you! Katie


  1. It sounds like you could use the multi-tenancy feature of the software to do some of what you’re thinking about. The only thing that sticks out to me is that the software isn’t really designed for year-round programs - it probably will work but it might be a little…weird. Depending on your IT infrastructure you might also just want to deploy several copies of the software for single-use (here, for example, we deploy each year for winter and summer).

  2. You can log minutes for people on the administrative side. We have staff do this all the time.