Program List Hiccup


I think the logic is using the following criteria: Out of programs that are active and not hidden, it takes the one that’s showing highest in the Programs -> Display Order section of the Control Room. The front page should be displaying the banner from that program and the text configured on the program’s tabs (Description & Game, Side Text, and Footer & Not Logging Text). Let me know if you see behavior that does not match that logic.


Thanks @harald, again for your reply.
Yes, you’re right, the front page is the one that is highest in the Programs order.
For now, I’ll make my highest level Program with a generic image & description. An additional landing page that is editable via Control Room would be ideal.

My earlier confusion was because it seems that the changes I make in the Control Room aren’t always appearing immediately when I use Firefox browser… even clearing my browser cache, but checking with Chrome works best.

So, if I edit Default.aspx that would supersede/change what appears to not-logged in patrons? - and that’s not something that I’d be able to do via the Control Room…


It seems that a landing page and a logoff page are big requests so I’ll make sure that’s near the top of our feature list.

That is odd that you aren’t seeing changes immediately. You might try holding down Control when you click release to force a cache clear. That’s the only thing I can think of that might make a difference.

You can edit the Default.aspx and you are correct: that is something you would not be able to do from the Control Room - you’d edit that file directly with a text editor (such as Notepad). This is actually the approach I’d suggest:

  • Edit the Default.aspx file and remove the two references to the ProgramBanner control (the line that registers the control and the line that references it). This is the part that chooses which banner image to display and inserts the <img> tag to display it.

  • Next, edit the Controls/PublicProgramView.ascx file. This file contains the code to display all that text that is set in the Control Room on the per-program basis as well as the logic as to whether or not to show the register and login buttons or show the “program isn’t open” or “program is already over” text. By editing it here instead of in Default.aspx you can continue to rely on that logic to work correctly. As long as you leave the <asp:Panel> tags intact the code should show or hide them as is relevant.

I realize these files are probably a little complex if you aren’t used to ASP.NET Web Forms, feel free to PM or email me if you’d like some specific help on editing the files to look a certain way or act a certain way, I am happy to help. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


The initial page of a Program - that shows before someone registers or logs in, does that page appear anywhere
else at any time while a person is logged in, or is it navigable to? If not, this is what I would consider a “landing page” - and wouldn’t bother styling all of the Programs, just the topmost one on my list.

This way, I’ll add a neutral design to the topmost Program with a general SRP message. Otherwise, I’d be styling each Program according to the age it’s representative of (but that may put off Adults & Teens when they see a Kids program setup on the first page before they login or register.)


When I got here, the front page had tabs for each program (that’s why the Program Add/Edit has “Tab Name” as a setting) and users could click the tabs on the front page of the site to view program-specific information (each program has its own banner and all the text on the Description & Game, Side Text, Footer & Not Logging Text tabs in Program Add/Edit). I removed those tabs as they weren’t really serving us well - it’s one of the first things I did here and since I’ve seen the posts on the forum I’ve been questioning whether that was the right decision.

In any event, what I’ve done for our SRP is: I ensure that the top program (that is: the first visible program in the Display Order settings) has the appropriate banner and information (as you’re saying @Tammy), and then I cut and paste that info into all the other programs we have set up just in case someone got to one of those program pages accidentally. That way all bases are covered.

In reading the comments on here I realize that it might be beneficial for everyone else if the software had:

  • a more meaningful landing page with easy-to-edit HTML and layout (before we get there I should ensure that the typical GRA user is comfortable editing HTML).
  • a meaningful logoff page to send people to when they log out
  • the ability to add additional arbitrary ‘pages’ to the site (like our about page) - ideally in a process which can be done from the Control Room without requiring Visual Studio or programming knowledge


Good idea @harald to copy & paste all the same info to the other Programs in case they’re reached somehow. Thanks.

  • As far as a logoff page goes - I’ve redirected back to the summer reading page of our library’s website, it seemed most logical to go there. And… for additional pages - I’ll link back to our website for just about anything else, it would complicate and add too many layers to something we’re trying to keep very simple and focused.
  • I don’t mind customizing things with html or learning anything else, the only concerns I have with editing files directly, out of the Control Room, would be the implications on future updates and having to keep track of file changes and edits.


This is more ‘treatment of a symptom’ than actually ‘solving a problem’ but I wanted to reference this thread about creating static pages here in case that helps anyone with their desire to have static page content in their GRA installation.