Program List Hiccup


I currently have four programs listed, but only three are actual programs. The fourth program is the landing page that shows up after the patron logs out of their account. I can’t figure out how to get that page not show, other than deleting it, and having my third program show up as an option. Any thoughts?


I have mine set up the same way (a landing page and 3 programs).

In the Program List, this is what I figured out:

  • Landing page: Is Active? No. Is hidden? Yes.
  • Program 1: Is Active? Yes. Is hidden? No
  • Program 2: Is Active? Yes. Is hidden? No
  • Program 3: Is Active? Yes. Is hidden? No

I believe the order is also important, and the landing page “program” needs to be the first one listed.


Thank you Holly! That did the trick.


Yay! Took me a lot of trial and error to figure that one out. Glad I could help!


Thanks for answering this one, @Holly!

There’s also a “logout page URL” option on the Program Add/Edit screen - you could put a URL there to redirect people to when they log out of the program. It’s also possible for you to just add .html files in the root of the GRA installation (in the same directory as the Web.config file) and have it redirect to one of those when somebody logs out. For example, you could make thanks.html and copy it into the GRA directory and put whatever HTML content you want in it.

If landing page and logout page customization are significant for your programs please let me know. We’ve considered adding a sort of watered-down CMS “add a page” functionality to the GRA but it’s helpful to know all of the possible use cases so that we can develop it so that it works for everyone.


So this was working up until today :frowning: any thoughts?


What’s not working now? No landing page? No programs?..


No landing page anymore. I am also having difficulty getting the challenges to show up for one of my programs. By the former I mean they are all there, but the patron can’t check them off as completed.


That’s weird! I don’t know what the deal is there. I’m just a trial-and-error user, so you’ll have to wait for a developer to help.

And I haven’t gotten far enough in the build to create challenges yet…


@xander790 is it possible that your program is set to not allow logging yet? Weird things happen with the current code if you are accessing the site prior to the start dates.

I’m not sure about the landing page issue - might it also have to do with your start date and logging start dates?


Thank you Holly. If you need help or questions with the challenges feel free to contact me. I spoke with Harald last week and got it down pretty well except for that last hiccup.


I will look into that. Thank you for the suggestion.


Teamwork! Open source software at its finest.



I tried the option as described by Holly again and it still didn’t work. Your first suggestion worked the best. I would be interested in a landing page and a logout page for the next iteration. We are almost set for summer reading. I’d like to thank you for all your hard work on the site, we love it.


I’m so glad you are enjoying the software and that it’s working out for you. I think the landing page and logout page are valuable too and I’ll add those to our features for the next iteration. :slight_smile:


I’ve set mine up the same way, with the Landing page first… (have done nothing else), and was expecting that the image uploaded to that page would be the one that appears when folks first go to our site (before logging in). But it’s not. I’ve tried hidden/no & hidden/yes. Any suggestion to have a landing page appear?
Hope it’s ok to put this in this thread.
Have just upgraded to 3.0.3.



I could not figure out how to fix it after it changed my landing page. I decided to add the link to my Library website instead and will be giving out the specific URL for the different programs we have to the patrons. I found this solution was the easiest.


thanks @xander790. I will play around with it to see what works best.


@tammy @xander790 Sorry that I’ve been so slow to respond, we’re really in crunch time here so I’ve been focused on getting as many features in the software so that we can roll out the 3.1 release which is what we’ll be using here (registrations for our program start May 1st, eek! :fearful:).

I’m having a little difficulty understanding what exactly you’re both trying to do here. You want to have a landing page for people to hit when they first hit the site or when they log out? Both? Do you want it to have the site’s template (the header with navigation) or just be a blank page for you to customize?

  • If you’re looking to add additional pages to the site, you can add .html documents by placing them in the root folder of the site (where Web.config and Dashboard.aspx live) and they can contain any content that you’d like. If you’re running GRA 3.0 or above you can pull in Bootstrap (Content/bootstrap.min.css) and jQuery (Scripts/jquery-2.2.0.min.js) if you need them for page design and layout.

  • It may be possible to place a properly-formatted .aspx page at the root of the site as well that could bring in the site’s template (the header and navigation) if that’s what you’re after. If that is what you want, let me know and I’ll test it and come up with some instructions.

  • People who hit the front of the site are getting the Default.aspx page when they are not logged in (they get Dashboard.aspx if they are). You should be able to customize the content of this page if you want to.

  • You need to keep the <%@ Page ... %> at the top and the <%asp:Content %> ASP.NET tags.

  • Content in the HeaderContent control renders in the <HEAD> tag.

  • Text in the BodyContent control renders in the <BODY> tag.

Of course back up any files you are going to modify before you do just in case!

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for or if I’m misunderstanding!


thanks for replying

I think this is what I was looking for… I wanted there to be a “generic” page when people first get to the site, before they’ve registered or logged in (calling that the “landing page”). Once in, then they’d see or go to the page for their appropriate age group.

Right now, the image & text that appears at the initial landing page is what is assigned to one of my non-hidden programs, but not for any reason or order that I could figure out.