Printing Reports

Is there a way to print off reports? And how exactly do I pull all of them?

The reports tab should allow you to use the “AdHoc” reporting capability to run reports.

  • The AdHoc reports are almost always run on a per-patron basis. You’ll probably want to include “Patron ID” or “Username” on every report.

  • It doesn’t really do aggregation (totals or groups). I’d recommend pulling numbers into Excel if you want to try to total up specific things.

  • On the “Stats Dashboard” you can hover over the chart elements in order to see the actual numbers for the items presented there.

  • If you are shutting down the hosting you used for your reading program and it is possible, you might want to obtain a SQL Server database backup file (either a .bak file or a set of .mdf and .ldf files) from your installation. These files can be attached to any other SQL Server (even one that you can run locally on your computer called SQL Server Express Edition) and contain all the reading data from your install. If you find later that you want to run more in-depth reporting I can work with you to pull out whatever specific data you need assuming you have those database backup files.


Can you run me by how I would do this back up? I have SQL Server 2014 Management Studio, if that helps. Thanks

So you’ll want to connect to the SQL Server using SQL Server Management Studio. You’ll need the connection information like the SQL Server name, database username and database password. These are the same pieces of information you used to configure the software in the first place and are probably in your Web.config file in the connectionStrings area of the file (you might have to decode the connection string but it’s pretty straightforward).

Once you are connected (I’m not using 2014 but I assume the steps are similar):

  1. Right-click on the database and choose Tasks -> Back Up...,
  2. Choose to back up to disk and add a file to back up to (in my version you click Add... and put in a backup file like c:\SRP-backup.bak.
  3. Click OK

It should create the file you specified in point 2 with a full backup of all the reading program information.

Awesome!! Thank you so much! And thanks for sharing the GRA, I had a lot of great feedback about it. :smile: