Patrons publishing book reviews?


Rather than just logging book titles, we encourage patrons to post book reviews. Possibly the GoodReads<->SRC interconnection will handle this :sunglasses: … but … in the past there was a means for patrons to post reviews.

I can consider asking them to “Mail” a review, and award points/badge based on that, but something automatic would be smoother. (Plus tracking nightmare alleviated.)



Great idea! You could set up a challenge in the meantime, relying on honesty more but it would take care of the automatic awarding.


So, explanation: the patron review functionality has not been a priority here. We were collecting reviews in the past but then we didn’t have anything to do with them so they just got removed at the end of the program. We investigated Goodreads integration but it doesn’t take very much clicking to find inappropriate content on Goodreads so we kind of stepped away from that. (I realize this doesn’t help you and I’m not trying to talk you into or out of anything, I just want you to know why that functionality was there and it probably doesn’t function now—it’s bad on me for making a feature that worked not work anymore).

I know @justinm has been working on review functionality because that was important over there, maybe he can provide some indication what his progress is on getting that functioning.


I was wondering what the status was for Goodreads integration. We currently use Goodreads for an adult-only reading challenge, and thought the GRA would make a great fit for integrating the tracking portion. If someday this was an option, we would definitely use it.


In recent months I contributed a feature that allows patrons to enter book reviews which can be toggled per program. This feature adds a field to the “Enter book details” section. At our library we use this as an additional barrier to get patrons to do a little something more to enter in a. However, I just hooked this review field up to existing code, so it is recorded somewhere in the database, but I don’t believe there is an interface in the control room to do anything with them (or even see them).

In the future I imagine our library would want to enhance this further to provide some kind of control room feature.


I was thinking similarly to that for GoodReads integration, that it could be turned off/on for certain programs. Our adult program really took off once we moved it to GoodReads… partly because they were already using that platform, and also because they could go into lengthy discussions about books. If we could keep the discussions there but use GRA for logging time, that would be excellent (currently logging is done via a webform and patrons don’t get to see it once submitted, therefore we get constant requests for patron’s book count).


I see the book review toggle on the Programs config. I don’t see anything more than Title/Author on the Book Details patron screen.

I know it’s “crunch time”. I appreciate your attention and work!


@birchard Looking at the GitHub discussions, looks like @justinm addressed this here. That merge just happened this month, though, and the last release was in April. So the fix will be in the next release, but the functionality is not in the version you’re using.

I went through and confirmed with our install that that toggle currently doesn’t do anything. Justin’s fix will do what you’re looking for whenever the next release happens.