Patrons Don't Receive Lost Password Email

When a patron can’t remember their password, there’s a lovely button that says ‘Lost Password’

Unfortunately, after clicking it and going through the steps to have it reset, the email to reset it is never sent/received.

I’ve checked the test email three times, and that is not the problem. I also went over the code in the web.config file to see if that was set up correctly, and it is. Just to make sure that it wasn’t an error on the patron end, I also went through the process on my own account, and have still not received an email about resetting my password a full day later.

Any ideas on why the email isn’t being sent/received or what we can do to fix it?

Thank you!

I had this problem, too & I know you went over the web.config file - but to confirm, editing the webconfig is what fixed it for me, ensuring my info was correct - in the < > part of the file -
network host=“” password=“mailpassword” port=“25” userName=""

Sorry about the delay getting back to you.

Can you send me the mail portion of your Web.config? Also, does the test email link in the Control Room work?

The text email link works fine, that’s what’s so confusing. I’ll send you the code in a pm. Thank you!