Patrons are registered but not showing in patron search

I am testing out our setup for some staff training and can’t get our registered patrons to appear in the patron search. They are showing in the At-a-glance Program Status page numbers and they appear when I run a report. We are set up with multiple organizations but they do not show up under the master tenant account at all. Any idea why I can’t search for them?

Hmm. You are searching in the master tenant account? If you sign in as an administrator for another tenant do you see them?

The patrons do not show up at all in the master tenant account. I am logged in as a superuser for the tenant that the patrons were registered for and no patrons appear in the patron search screen. I am doing training soon for some staff so will be registering another test patron and will see how it goes.

I have noticed that whenever I have a message in the mail queue, I can access that patron’s details, logs, prizes, etc. Still find it odd that I am not able to see the patrons when I go to patron search. We go live with this at the end of next week so I need to figure out what is causing this glitch. Any ideas? Is there a setting or an update that I am missing?

Let’s add another piece to this multi-tenancy mystery. Seems one of the tenants can see their patrons in the patron search but the other two of us cannot. There has to be someone else who have had this issue and found a solution!?!

I figured out the glitch. This is something that needs to be fixed in the future. Seems that when you have multiple branch libraries in a multi-tenancy situation, you are not able to see your registered patrons in the patron search screen. Once I deleted the branches and created a custom library field to use instead, the patrons started to appear.

We replicated this issue. The fix @dmbigham suggests works.

As I see it, it seems to be an issue with the sub-tenant crosswalk. The workaround basically abandons the crosswalk functionality and utilized the GRA 1.0 feature of adding a custom branch field. It still seems to use the db table that the crosswalk uses to capture branch names, so there is no additional data entry required to get it set up.

That said, you do have to go in and reassign branches to every user in that custom field. Also, my guess is might mess up reporting somewhere, since the branch stats are probably tied to the crosswalk? Not sure. The branch field in the list results is now blank, obviously.

This isn’t a super big emergency, but should be looked at.