Patron can link existing accounts, but staff can't?


A patron emailed me asking to link her two kid’s accounts to hers, since they accidentally all registered separately. But I can’t seem to do this via the Control Room (When I select ‘Add Sub Account’ I can only add new non-existing accounts to a Master).

The only way I see doing this is by asking for her login information as well as the login info for the two kids, which sounds like a privacy nightmare. I would happily walk her through the process, but this puts all the work on the patron. Am I missing something? Thanks!


I’ve already had a second request for this today (for a parent with 6 kids), so definitely a necessary function. I don’t want to tell this person that they have to do it.


You are not missing anything, this is currently a process that only end users can perform. In our environment (with so many participants) we certainly like to encourage users to take care of this kind of stuff themselves.

That being said, obviously there’s a need to add this to the control room. I’ll add this to the list and we’ll do our best to get to it as soon as we can.

Sorry about that!


No worries! We just had staff say “Of course we’ll do that for you!” and then I discovered that we can’t.


How do the patrons do this themselves? I have received a number of requests for linking accounts, but I can’t figure out how to do it on the patron end.


On the ‘My Account’ page there should be an “Add Family Member” button if the current patron is 18 or older. Using that button they should be able to add a new patron as a family member or put a username and password of an existing account to mark that existing patron as a family member.


When I try to input the username of an existing user, it says the username is not:


That screen you’re on is for adding an additional/new user. It looks like you’re wanting to link an EXISTING user. Is that correct? Go to My Account > Manage Family Members > Add A Family Member > My Family Member Already Has An Account. There you’ll only have to enter the username and password, because they are already registered.


Ok, I don’t see a “My Family Member Already Has an Account” button. So, I’m guessing this is because we didn’t update to the latest version?


Unfortunately this is a newer feature and it looks like you’re using a version that doesn’t have it yet. Sorry about that! :frowning:


I highly recommend upgrading. No guarantee, but we upgraded smoothly at the beginning of our program. There are SO many excellent additions and fixes.


I know, I should have just done it. We had just gotten everything configured perfectly and since it’s our first year going digital, I was nervous to make any last minute changes.:confused:


By beginning I just meant before patrons were logging time. All my test accounts, settings, etc carried over just find. As long as you make a backup first, I’d try it!