No Badges in Badge Gallery


I can’t seem to locate the badges. Anytime there is a “Badge > Select a value,” there are no values available. Are they downloaded from a different source?

(The default location seems to be here: )

Thanks much.


You can create badges yourself in the Control Room under Management -> Badges.


So there are no pre-made icons, I take it? We create those in photoshop or




The latest version of the GRA (releasing very soon!) has the badge maker from integrated. You can navigate directly to their site to use their badge maker - that’s probably the easiest way to create them currently.

There are some downloadable badges on the site but they are probably not the most sophisticated-looking.


Okay, sounds good. Thank you much.


There are downloadable badges here, too - - they just want credit on the site they’re used on.


This is a great resource, @Tammy - thanks for sharing it! :slight_smile:


Here’s some more -
and some inspiration -
and there are affordable icon downloads here, as well as weekly free items -


Thank you for all the suggestions, Tammy. I appreciate it!