Manually Registering Patrons


I’m trying to manually register some people and this is what I get:

As you can see, none of the required fields are available for me to fill out. Suggestions? Thanks!


Under Settings -> Registration Settings (on the left in the “System Settings” area of the ribbon) you are able to customize which fields are:

  • shown during registration (Ask for Field?)
  • required during registration (Required?)
  • shown on the user’s “My Account” and the Control Room “Patron Account Details” page (Show on Profile?)
  • editable on the user’s “My Account” page (Allow Edit?)

These are helpfully (?) shown in a big grid which makes it really hard to follow which checkbox goes with which field. It’s also possible to do nonsensical things in this configuration such as make a field required for registration but then not show it during registration or on the profile. I’m sorry it’s such a mess, this is a part of the software I have not yet had the opportunity to try to fix up. :confounded:

My suspicion here is that some of the Required? checkboxes are checked but the Show on Profile? boxes are not checked.


Aha! That fixed it. Thank you!


@harald Okay…this is the next issue I’m running into. I had to (sloppily) paint in what the mouse looks like when I mouse over these fields because print screen left it out:


It looks like you have to check the Allow Edit? checkbox in the Registration Settings area in order to edit this value from the Control Room.


Ah! This thread made me discover that “Allow Edit” and “Show on Profile” were also restricting (if not checked) fields from showing on the STAFF side as well. *crosses “ability to show age of patron in Control Room” off GRA wishlist