Main URL taking users to GRA configuration page


When we access the URL of our GRA install (, we sometimes reach the GRA configuration page. Is there something we did wrong in the configuration?


You mean it’s going to the Control Room?


No, the main configuration page that you see immediately after completing a fresh install. I just read your thread, though, on the Control Room redirect, and I’ll check to see if that is my issue, too. I actually remember that issue from last year.


Check that - also if you guys did an upgrade you can add the following line to the Web.config in the <appSettings> section:

<add key="GraConfigured" value="1"/>

The (attempted) short version of this story is: the GRA uses that domain lookup that Holly is talking about first, then it tries to connect to the database. If it has connection problems it typically redirects to the initial configuration because it assumes you haven’t done that yet. This line in the Web.config will force it to show an error page instead of the initial configuration page if it can’t reach the database so patrons should never see the initial configuration dialog.

The setup process does this now but if you upgraded I didn’t put a step in for this (I figured the upgrade instructions were complicated enough).



Following the thread @Holly (thanks!) pointed out, I looked at the organization setup and found this:

Currently testing to see if that solves the issue.


And the saga continues. This time, at least, it happened to me. Here’s what I’m seeing:


Also getting a periodic runtime error:


By default the GRA is configured to perform some logging, you might check on the server for the log files and see if they say anything interesting, you can email them to me if you’d like me to review them.

I’m assuming you added that line to your Web.config and removed the domain from your Organization Add/Edit screen?

Edit: @carisomalley - I’ve added instructions on turning up the logging in a post to the help category of the forum: Helping developers troubleshoot the GRA - that might provide some help in getting the logging a little more detailed.


Great. I’ll send my guy over to that.

He thinks he may have found a clue. We use a different port than the default for the db. When he corrects the port in IIS, the app works for a few minutes, then errors out. Is there anything in the system files that would need to be changed to deal with using a different port?


It should just be that connection string in the Web.config - I don’t see anywhere else in the code that the SQL Server port should matter.


Okay. We’re going on an hour-and-a-half after changing the port and rebooting the server. Fingers crossed.