Lost Password Button


We’ve had a couple of patrons try to use the “Lost Password” function when logging in, but don’t ever seem to receive the email to reset their password. How exactly does that work? Should there be someone on our end monitoring this?


If your email server is configured correctly it should be dispatching an email to them with password reset instructions. If you are running the latest version you can test this facility from the Control Room by selecting Settings -> Test Email to send yourself a test email.

If the emails are not going out, you might check the log files referenced in this forum post to see if any details are given about why it is unable to send them.


Hi Harald,
I don’t see the Test Email option under Settings. I don’t think we have the latest version, since it just came out and we had already configured everything for this year. How do we do this is we are running the earlier version?


The best approach is probably to tweak settings and use one of the password recovery buttons (either for CR users or regular patrons) as that will dispatch an email. You can review the log file from that other forum post to see if the email sending is successful.