Logging Start/End Dates.... am or pm?


Other dates in the GRA are treated as 12am (such as the reports module), so I’m wondering… is the Program Logging End Date set for 12:01am or 11:59pm? We want patrons to log reading time up to and including July 27, but I don’t know whether I should enter the Logging End Date as 7/27 or 7/28. Thanks!


It should be midnight of the date entered. In testing on our training site today (7/22) I found:

  • Entering 7/22/2016 as the End Date and Logging End Date shows “the program ended on 7/22/2016” on the front page.

  • Entering 7/23/2016 as the End Date and Logging End Date shows the program still open.

  • Entering 7/22/2016 as the Logging End Date and 7/23/2016 as the End Date allows users to log in but shows the Notification When Logging Is Not Active text in the Footer & Not Logging Text tab of program configuration in place of the logging minutes and codes widget.

(We need that last option because some people won’t have redeemed their free book codes by the end date of the program so we leave the site open for a couple weeks so they can log in and find that notification).


Thanks, Harald! Just what I needed to know. And thanks for the tricks on leaving program open but logging not - that’s helpful.


Hmm, nope. Logging End Date took effect at 12:01am. Today is our last day of logging, so I had 7/27 entered. But this morning I received reports that someone trying to log this am got a message that logging hadn’t started yet. So if you wanted 7/22 to be the last day patrons can log time, you’d need to use 7/23 as your Logging End Date.


I’m confused, it sounds like my third bullet point from above is what happened. You had 7/27 as the Logging End Date and a future date as the End Date? Then someone was able to log in on 7/27 and saw the Notification When Logging Is Not Active message and weren’t able to log? I think that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Edit: I think I get it! You put 7/27 becuase you wanted that to be the last day of logging and in the software that actually meant midnight on 7/27 which meant that on 7/27 people couldn’t log. D’oh!

This obviously needs to be really clarified in the software so it’s obvious what these dates mean exactly.

Sorry about that!!


No worries. Do you think it would be overkill to add a TIME setting for both Program Start/End and Logging Start/End? That would clarify what the date actually means, plus adding granular control over start/end of things.

If time setting is not added, I would vote for all dates to mean “up to and including” (ie 11:59pm).


This needs to be 100% clear with times one way or another. We also had problems with it allowing sign-ups and logging of some points after the close date. :angry: