Locked/Active tests


Trying to go in to edit a test, but, although there appears to be a toggle to revert the test back to draft form, it doesn’t take. So I can’t edit the “Patron preamble.” Is this a bug?


Also, when I try to clone the test, I get an Application Error and the test is created, but nothing is cloned. That must be some server configuration issue, right?


Once the test has been “published” I don’t believe there’s currently an “un-publish” capability. You could probably modify the “Patron preamble” with a database query (I can probably help if necessary). You probably could also “un-publish” the test with the right query.

I’m not sure about test cloning, that actually sounds more like a bug than a server configuration issue. Is this something you’re going to need to do a lot of?

The test/survey area is a part of the application that I am not super-experienced with due to running out of time to get all the improvements implemented that I’d hoped this year. It seems like it’s mostly functional but I realize it does need a lot of improvement.


Fair enough. I’ll check with our admin and figure out the query. Or just redo the test- it’s quick enough.

I can’t think of any practical use for the cloning function (other than cloning a test in order to make it editable like I was attempting).


And, yes, it was simple enough to reset it to a “Work in Progress” status.


Excellent. We’ll ensure this is improved for next year.