List of participant emails for external communcation


I’d like to export a list of all participant info used during registration (really I’m after their email) to send an external-to-GRA message reminding everyone to sign in and log time or complete challenges before the program ends.

Since it’s not possible to run a out-of-the-box report within GRA to get this information, what is the file name (and what is the file path) containing participant information in the database? Thanks!

udpate 7/17/18: Searched around and found file Summer Read Users which contains registration information for all participants.


It seems like you found this already, here’s a query that would work in v4 but would not filter duplicates:

SELECT [Email], [Firstname] + ' ' + [LastName] [Name] FROM [Users] WHERE [Email] IS NOT NULL

If you need it for an email marking program this might work better:

SELECT [Firstname] + ' ' + [LastName] + ' <' + [Email] + '>' [Participant] FROM [Users] WHERE [Email] IS NOT NULL

Here’s one for just distinct email addresses:


Edit: also this is a good feature request, a report that would produce this.