Landing Page Description showing as plain text


Hmm, is this issue unique to my setup or a larger issue? My Topic says it all… my description is showing in browser(s) as plain text.

In addition to the ‘Landing Page Desc’ I added, there was a paragraph/break showing up as plain text at the top of the page before I made any edits/additions.


Sorry about the delay in getting back to you here, as well.

This is a bug. I’m looking at a fix.


Yay! Well, sorry about the bug. But at least it isn’t a user error issue. Thanks!


Sorry again about this, @Holly - I should have caught this one!

It should be fixed in the 3.0.3 release and the upgrade instructions are posted here on the forum.


No worries. Thanks, @harald!


Confirmed fixed in version 3.0.3.