Is patron participation size an issue?


We are looking at changing which SRP software we use and are concerned about our amount of sign ups effecting the software. This last SRP was a disaster due to the high number of log in and lag time in the software.


The Great Reading Adventure should provide little lag to your users. The database is relatively lightweight, but of course, the speed does depend on how you’re planning to host the program. Could you give us a little more information on that?

Just for your information, the Maricopa County Library District hosted the program (using our internal server) for somewhere around 70,000 participants in 2014 and had no issues. We’d be happy to give you more details if needed.


Thank you for the information. We would host it on our own server if our IT department will work with us on it. At this point we are disappointed with the software that we are purchasing and how the lag time and “requirements” that it asked of our patrons.



Ah, yes, hosting it on your own would be good. Take a look at our mock “Demo” program and let us know what you think (choose Demo from the drop-down list). This instance is running on our in-house server, just to give you an idea.


@tony, what is the database size for your 70,000 user group, after a summer of logging? This would give us an idea of “per user” space requirements. Thanks!


Since this has come up a lot, I’ve posted Estimated GRA SQL storage requirements.