Integration with ILS



Our library is transitioning into a new ILS and one of the things that popped up was whether we could integrate the Great Reading Adventure with it. Is there any precedent for integrating the GRA with any ILS?




Integrating… how? What specifically do you want the GRA to talk to you ILS about (or vice versa)?


We did do an ILS integration the first year I was here for the winter reading program - we allowed customers to enter their card number and password to automatically populate all the information necessary to sign up out of our ILS (Polaris). I would like to offer a service to allow linking up to the ILS for this kind of thing, we just haven’t gotten to it with the work we’ve been doing on 4.0. Out of curiosity, which ILS are you using?


Right now we are using Millennium, but we will be switching to Sierra at some point in the near future.