Integration with Follett Destiny and Virtual Events?


Hello there!
So I’m a K-12 school librarian in an international school. I came across GRA while I was researching summer reading programs, as we need a virtual management system to start a summer reading program, since our physical library is closed during the summer, and we only have digital offerings available. Has anyone integrated Follett Destiny with GRA? Specifically, their electronic and digital audio books?

I’m also hoping to have digital author visits streamed through Facebook Live. Does this have a place to advertise or incorporate a virtual event like that?

Thank you!


I’m not sure what you mean by integrate Follet Destiny… Integrate how?

Read the manual here to set up events so you can advertise your author visits:


I’m not familiar with the Follett Destiny product. The software doesn’t currently have any sort of integration with it. I don’t think the software as-is has a lot to facilitate a live-streamed Facebook interaction. @holly is right that you could put them in as Events and they’d be shown in the event list.

I feel bad because I’m just telling you a bunch of “not really” and “no” and I’d really like to find ways to help facilitate this kind of program in the next version of the software. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with more details about how you intend to run your program and maybe we can get some features integrated in the next version to help facilitate this!


Thank you, I kind of figured it out. I added in our electronic books one by one in the book lists. It would be easier if there was some way to copy a challenge, so I can edit it by group instead of starting from scratch each time. Also, if I could upload a csv file of all my patrons instead of having them make their own accounts, that might make it a bit easier too.