Installing GRA on Bluehost?



Our library is using BlueHost to host our library website. I was hoping to create a subdomain to host GRA on. Has anyone been able to set up GRA successfully on BlueHost and would be willing to help me out?

Thank you in advance!



I’ve never used Bluehost, but if it fits the requirements, maybe how I did it with Everleap could help ?

My notes from installing GRA 3.0.2 with Everleap -

download/unzip/ftp to /wwwroot
Create new database with Everleap
with SQL SMS run New Query with Everleap instructions to create contained DB users
With SQL SMS create logins & users - Not in security area directly, but in Databases/[Database]/Security. Settings are slightly different - user type (SQL user with Password)/name/default schema/mapping not necessary it's already in there
Grant Execute Permissions
Cannot use IIS Manager with Everleap - all settings are already ok.


Hi Tammy,

Is there a way to message you directly in hopes you can help me with Everleap?


Sure, but I haven’t done anything with it in over a year -



You can use the instant message feature on the forums here to message me, I have some experience working with Everleap. If you click your profile icon at the top right of the screen and then click the envelope you can send direct messages.


Thank you, Harald. I seem to be dumb and can’t send you a message. Could you send me one so I can reply?


Sure, are you getting this