Indicator for new Mail messages in Control Room


Woops. Even though I’ve been in the Control Room non-stop for a month, I failed to check the Mail tab for more than a week. :scream: I didn’t realize our patrons would be using the Mail feature so much before our program officially started!

It would be lovely if the Mail tab changed color or provided some indicator of new messages for those logged into the Control Room.


Nobody has made me facepalm as much as you have in the last month or so, Holly.

This is an obvious no-brainer! Of course it should give an indication! Duhhhh! :rolling_eyes:

Also I should have warned you about the Mail facility, we get all kinds of interesting “questions” such as “where are you” and “why is the sky blue?” :slight_smile:


That’s not my intention! I think you’re the best, @harald. If you weren’t so nice about everything I’d probably keep my mouth shut.


You’d better not! These are great feature requests and they are going to make this thing so much better!! :tada:


Hooray! And you can count on me to help in more productive ways in the fall. :slight_smile: